Our Guiding Principles (and a brief story about Burger King...)

By David Sokolow and Yarin Slivka, Co-Founders of WeFind

June 5, 2017

Before David's parents got married, they sat down in a Burger King on January 10, 1980 and developed the “Great Compromises made at Burger King.” No, this was not a Whopper order. They wrote down rules for what was important to them when raising a family. Rule #5: Teach children to be independent. Rule #16: No one will take anyone for granted. Any time they had to make an important decision, they would go back to this contract to make sure they were following this guidance. 

Growing a company is a lot like growing a family, and in that light, Yarin and I have developed our WeFind Guiding Principles. On any given day, WeFind is faced with five to ten different decisions that impact how we operate. What should we do if we make a mistake with a customer? What product features are most important to focus on? How do we manage our team? These decisions rarely have a clear right answer, but to move forward, decisions need to be made and they need to be made quickly.


In the same light as David's parents and great leaders like Jeff Bezos, we have our WeFind Guiding Principles to lean on. More than anything else we do as a company, Yarin and I will strive to hold true to these principles. We plan to share them with every team member that joins us, and we will constantly review them to make sure they are providing the right guidance as we continue to grow.


Read below, tell us what you think, and feel free to steal for your own compromises...we definitely did :-)

WeFind Guiding Principles

  1. Customers are our most important priority. We exist to create incredible moments for our customers. We are here to bring them value and we are here to excite them. We must prioritize their needs over anyone else.
  2. Make this the greatest work you have ever done. At WeFind, you will do the best work in your life. This requires intelligence, emotion, and hard work. Shoot for the stars, and if we fall short, at least we will still end up building something incredible.
  3. Everyone has to believe in what we are doing and why we are doing it. We have to be emotionally connected to our business, and we have to hire people who have that emotional connection. Emotion creates a sense of ownership, and turns a good company, into a great company.
  4. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience, consistency, and perseverance will be our guideposts. Great product, trust, and reputation take time to build, and we will be here the whole entire way. This means always executing and unplugging when we need to.
  5. Always do the right thing, regardless of cost. We are bound to make mistakes as a company, however, we must always do the right thing in order to ensure our long term survival.
  6. Every initiative should have a clear goal, timeline, and success metric. We must keep ourselves accountable. We will reward success when we see it and we will recognize failures when they happen, and learn to improve.
  7. Constantly learn and budget time for it. Our value will come from the diverse ideas and perspectives we bring to our company, and this learning never stops and knows no boundaries. It’s always better to pause, learn and disrupt how we do business.
  8. Think lean, urgently and efficiently. Our customer’s problems are our problems, and the faster we move to solve them the faster we can realize our vision. Our speed will allow us to learn and grow quickly, and our efficiency will minimize our failures.
  9. Build on what you have learned. Simply moving fast and breaking things is not sufficient unless we build upon those failures. Process makes us faster, it adds steps to the staircase so we can continue to go upward.
  10. Be respectful, to everyone - colleagues, customers, visitors, employees, or whoever that might be. Respect and courtesy will keep us all from killing each other when we try to do the 9 other things on this list.


David & Yarin

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