How to Evaluate Influencers and

Put on the Social Media Event of the Year

A coffee chat with Nik Aliye, Senior Creative Producer 

at Shorty Awards

On Tuesday, December 11th, we had the opportunity to sit down with Nik Aliye, Senior Creative Producer at Shorty Awards to get her thoughts on evaluating influencers and how to put on the social media event of the year. We discussed everything ranging from how to choose influencers based on qualitative and quantitative data, to what it takes to put on a memorable event. Check out the full video and key takeaways below:

Key takeaways

  • The "Oh Shit" Meter: When evaluating influencers, Nik and the team at Shorty Awards review all of the traditional metrics, but they're also looking for those "Oh Shit" moments. It's the moments where the audience (and you reviewing the content) get such a meaningful reaction from the content you say, "Oh Shit!!" It's important to measure that emotional component to really find the best content being created
  • When reaching out to influencers, become a fan: Approaching influencers can be intimidating, but the easiest and most authentic way to reach them is to become a fan of their content. The biggest challenge for influencers is managing their time, and when you reach out to an influencer and compliment what they're doing, recognize they are trying to build their own business, influencers tend to be much more receptive
  • Having a great event is about great content and a great environment: When it comes to putting together a top event, it requires pulling together content from meaningful attendees that the audience is genuinely excited to see. This requires a lot of work and a lot of pitching in order to make this happen. On the environment side, it means building out great spaces with interactive exhibits for attendees to share, and it won't hurt to have an open bar to get everyone slightly more comfortable ;-)

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