Real Connections with Real Women

A case study with Mary Depoian of Harper Wilde

By Megan Etzel, WeFind

October 1st, 2018

Harper Wilde isn't your typical bra company. They’re transforming bra shopping into an affordable, actually-enjoyable, empowering experience. We got to chat with Mary Depoian, the Social Media Lead at Harper Wilde, about how they use Instagram and WeFind to connect real women with bras built for them. “We want to make sure women know there’s an easier way to buy bras,” Mary explained.

Mary Depoian

Social Media Lead at Harper Wilde

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A Community of Women

When your target market is women ages 25 to 35, your company needs to be on Instagram. And Harper Wilde uses Instagram not just for promotion, but to connect with their community. Leveraging the intimacy of comments, whether that’s for customer service or for engagement, has created a bit of a comment community on their feed. “Ignoring it or just liking it is not our style,” Mary notes. “We want to make sure that they know we’re present, and real humans. We’re a women-run company and we’re smaller… we’re not just a robot company. So that comment community is a big deal for us.”

Easing the Search for Influencers

Harper Wilde is just starting their influencer campaign, and using the WeFind plugin makes Mary’s job of finding influencers easier and faster. “WeFind is helpful because we can see their engagement, if they’re active, and if people are interacting with them in the comments.”

The Grid Struggle is Real

Artsy posts look great on their Instagram page, but Mary’s found that the artsier posts have a lower engagement rate than the humorous ones. “We value humor and sarcasm and wittiness,” notes Mary, and the WeFind plugin makes it easy to see the difference in engagement rates. They also discovered that women’s empowerment posts also do particularly well, which works out well for a company founded on it, so they’re working on that balance of an inviting page for new followers and producing great content for current followers.

Be sure to follow Harper Wilde on Instagram: @HarperWilde

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