Tick Tock: Using Influencers to Build Trust in the

Luxury Watch Industry

A case study with Mark Jackson of Crown & Caliber

By David Sokolow, WeFind

December 13th, 2018

A vexing challenge in the world of influencers today is trust. The greatest part of using influencers is to create real, authentic connections with your customers. However, if fake followers and fake engagement are pervasive, is that a reasonable expectation? We caught up with Mark Jackson of Crown & Caliber to dive into their influencer strategy to discuss this. The short answer is a resounding yes. Influencers can and should be a cornerstone for how you build trust with your customers, if you’re doing it right.

Trust matters in the world of horology

Crown & Caliber buys and sells pre-owned watches. Using the word watch doesn’t really do their product justice. These are luxury timepieces. A quick glance at their site and you’ll find a Rolex Daytona for $20,000 and an IWC Portugese for $15,000. The pre-owned watch industry is still relatively new, and as you can imagine, trust is the most important factor when making a purchase. When one of their customers is spending thousands of dollars on a watch, online, trust and reliability are key. According to Mark, “When you sell pre-owned, people want to know if the watch is authentic.” Crown & Caliber has a whole team in house that inspects the watches inside and out to ensure that trust.

How Instagram and influencers help them build trust

Instagram serves as the perfect ecosystem for Crown & Caliber to build trust. It offers many avenues for them to communicate with their users and they can leverage influencers to speak about the Crown & Caliber brand, instead of doing it themselves. Crown & Caliber can tap into any individual on the watch spectrum to help educate the consumer on the preowned watch industry, which creates authentic momentum around the brand. They started testing influencer marketing early on, but as they got the program off the ground, they quickly got into an environment where influencers were approaching them.

Evaluating influencers to ensure it is the right person is really important to Mark, and that’s where he gets a lot of value out of WeFind. He states, “Having the key metrics like engagement available at a glance has been like strapping a turborocket to my process.” Many influencer managers struggle with the time it takes to do this evaluation, and WeFind has enabled them to build a trustworthy influencer marketing program at scale.

How Crown & Caliber thinks about Instagram moving forward

When it comes to Instagram, the team at Crown & Caliber takes a more scientific approach than most. When asked about what they want to do in the future, he doesn’t talk about content. He speaks of algorithms and human behavior. Great content is key, yes, but in Mark’s words, “The Instagram algorithm is the judge, jury and executioner.” Crown & Caliber took a step recently to build their strategy around the algorithm and the results have been outstanding. There is no playbook, but according to Mark, you have to follow the top brands and see how they engage with their audience, use hashtags, times they post and more.

Beyond that, Mark thinks it’s more important to understand human psychology than any specific social media metric. If you embed core elements of human behavior into how you create content, it allows you to achieve higher levels of engagement than you’ve ever seen before. You have to ask yourself, what problem are you solving for the person viewing the content and why do they care? What matters to them?

The metrics will come, in time.

To follow Crown & Caliber and learn more about their brand, head here.

Mark Jackson

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Crown & Caliber

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