Building an Influencer Program with a Start Up Budget

A coffee chat with Brett Ambrose,

Brand Marketing Manager at Ollie

On Thursday, February 28th, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brett Ambrose, Brand Marketing Manager at Ollie, to hear how he built an influencer program in the high-growth start up, Ollie. Ollie is a start up in the pet tech space, offering customized, high quality food for dogs, delivered. They've been featured in Tech Crunch, Business Insider and more and are backed by top investors including Lerer Hippeau and Primary Venture partners. Through Brett's social leadership, they've been able to grow their Instagram account to 48K+ followers and partner with influencers across the pet world.

See the full video below and key takeaways, we hope you enjoy it!

Key takeaways

  • Influencers can drive a lower cost of customer acquisition: When Ollie runs paid advertising, they test both influencer content and content created by the brand. Influencer content actually drives a lower cost of customer acquisition for them, helping them use their marketing budget more efficiently.
  • Influencers drove initial brand education: When Ollie first launched as a brand, they used influencers as a way to educate the market on what it meant to produce healthy dog food and what existed in the market today. This early education positioned Ollie as a credible brand in the freshly made dog food space.
  • Big accounts don't equal big results: While large accounts may drive awareness, Ollie discovered they saw more engagement and customer acquisition from targeting small to medium size influencer accounts. Now, Brett doesn't turn away any small influencer accounts as long as they have a highly engaged audience

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