Brands Are a Consumer's Best Friend

By Hanna Hecht, WeFind

October 9, 2017

Brands are everywhere.  

Despite the truth of this statement, most of us go through our day to day lives without much notice of this world of branding that surrounds us. If I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t even truly aware of how immune I had become to it either until I stepped back and analyzed a typical ‘day-in-my-life’ :  

After waking up and doing my morning scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and the like, I brush my teeth with my tried and true Colgate toothpaste; I throw on an old v-neck, my favorite pair of GAP jeans, and some beat-up blue Converse; I grab my backpack and S’well water bottle and head out to get my daily dose of caffeine at Starbucks before class… and I think you get the point.

Colgate, GAP, Converse, S’well, Starbucks... Brands, brands, brands! 

Whether you have become accustomed to them or you walk around with your brand radar constantly going off, I’ll bet you’ve developed a bit of an affinity for at least a few of the brands out there, aside from your own. Because the truth is, we are all consumers and CONSUMERS LOVE BRANDS. Consumers love brands like they love their best friends-- they will often defend their favorite brands, brag about their favorite brands, sometimes even camp out for their favorite brands (I mean who doesn’t want to be the first person to get the Snapchat spectacles, right?!). A good deal of a consumer’s time, trust, and, undoubtedly, money is devoted to his or her favorite brands. The value of this trust, in particular, is growing rapidly as customers are seeking more personal relationships with brands. In fact, in a study done by the McCarthy Group, it was found that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising, as it is seen as impersonal and manipulative. Correspondingly, it turns out that 72% of millennials are willing to spend more money on brands that they trust, as they feel that a brand’s authenticity is an absolute must. Given these valuable investments that consumers make in their favorite brands and the great lengths to which they will consequently go for them, it is clear that people truly do love brands. But then comes the big question: Why? Why are we, as consumers, so loyal to brands? Why do we feel this deep attachment to brands and cherish our relationship with them as if it were a relationship between us and a dear friend? 

Determined to find some sort of answer to this question, I decided to throw on my metaphorical white lab coat and conduct some research of my own. Over the course of a few days, I sat down with several students and faculty across the Boston College campus and reached out to other friends and family members, as well. During each of these short interviews I started off by asking a bit about the participant’s favorite brands: Do you have certain brands that you typically use? If so, which ones? Do you have a favorite? For about how long have you been a devoted user of this brand?... etc. The responses ranged from Polar Seltzer to Neutrogena, Madewell to Kleenex, 1 year to over 30 years. Then, I hit them with the big question of “Why do you love this brand?” After a unanimous thoughtful pause, I received answers such as, “because it is transparent and I resonate with its values,” “because it values quality and thus offers high-quality products,” and “because it makes me feel important.” 

It then became clear: There is more behind consumers’ love for brands than a simple love for the products or services that are being sold. Consumers love brands like they love their best friends, because both offer that similar sense of comfort and identity that all humans crave. Brands provide customers with a sense of social identity and help them to feel like a part of a whole-- a part of the bigger picture. Even more, a brand allows its customer to see his or her core values put into action which further builds upon that sense of security and belonging.  

Nevertheless, while there are evidently multifaceted reasons as to why a consumer is drawn towards a certain brand, the bottomline is that the love for that brand is there-- that person is a devoted customer and that devotion is something to be cherished. 

At WeFind, we can help you tap into this consumer-brand love affair. We can open the door for you to an entirely new network, a network that is more devoted to and enthusiastic over your product than you have ever seen before-- your user base! Your users value their relationship with your product and company for a reason; they love what you do, what you stand for, what you have made them a part of. And this love for your brand will naturally lend itself to an inclination to want to become further involved with your company. WeFind can help you discover your most devoted users so that you, in turn, can have access to the most authentic influencers and devoted employees.

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