How Does Follower Count Affect Engagement? 

August 2018 Benchmark Report

By Megan Etzel, WeFind

September 6, 2018

Surely there's some type of pattern when it comes to engagement rates and follower counts, right?  Well, we analyzed data from the WeFind Plugin to find out:

For the most part, the follower count and engagement were indirectly correlated, so the larger the follower count, the smaller the engagement rate. That makes sense, kind of like how it's easier to have a real conversation at a small party as opposed to a loud festival.

One interesting exception was at the 500K to 1MM level, where engagement rates spiked. Accounts in this range included celebrities like Bobby Flay and Ali Wong, celebrities with accounts that tend to feel less produced and more authentic. Could this be an influencer sweet-spot that combines a large audience with a small account feel?

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