Our mission is to make influencer

marketing easier.

Today, consumers are overloaded with ads making growth challenging for every company.

Consumers have shifted their attention to advocates and influencers they trust, and marketers want to work with these individuals to create meaningful marketing. The challenge for marketers is simple: how do you scale this authenticity? Enter WeFind.

WeFind wants to be the foundational tool for all advocate and influencer marketing. It's time to get out of Google Spreadsheets and use a tool that helps you organize, track and analyze the ROI of your advocate and influencer marketing - starting with us for free. We'll help you save time and sanity by enabling you to get the right data at the right time. 

WeFind is led by David Sokolow, former growth product marketer, and Yarin Slivka, leading software engineer. We love brands, we love saving marketers time, and we're here to help your brand become iconic. Check out our free chrome extension to get instant analytics on any Instagram profile, so you can be more effective today.

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