Gather influencer data

at a glance

WeFind's Chrome extension calculates engagement analytics of influencer posts and accounts on Instagram and YouTube


Automatically measure an influencer's impact

Engagement is the most important indicator when evaluating influencer impact. Evaluate performance while you view and track content

Engagement Rate

Automatically calculate the true performance of an Instagram and YouTube account, post, or video

Social Metrics

View average likes, average comments and posts per week with zero effort

Save and Export Data

Collect data from Instagram and YouTube and send to a WeFind spreadsheet

Workflow and Collaboration

Share your WeFind spreadsheet with your team in executing your influencer marketing strategy

Identify influencers who have a truly engaged audience

Automatically calculate engagement rates of influencer posts, videos and accounts across Instagram and YouTube

Calculate average likes, average comments, creator/channel engagement rate, engagement rate per post/video, posts per week

Save posts, videos, accounts and relevant data to a WeFind spreadsheet that is exportable and shareable amongst your team

Instantly know what content

performs best

With WeFind, engagement rates and social metrics are easily accessible on the account, post and video level. No extra steps are needed to measure an influencer's impact

The WeFind Chrome Extension saves you a ton of time when executing your influencer marketing strategy

WeFind allows you to automatically calculate the most important performance metrics within influencers marketing -- engagement rate

For Individuals

See what resonates most with your community. Track your top performing photos and videos across Instagram and YouTube. Calculate engagement of everything you post.

For Brands and Agencies

Track your brand or client's account. Evaluate any influencer across Instagram and YouTube. Share your WeFind spreadsheet full of accounts, posts, and videos with your team. 

Faces behind the brands that love WeFind

"My team uses the tool everyday. It makes rooting out fake accounts so much easier."

Joel Beckett

CEO & Founder, 

The Outloud Group

"The WeFind extension has been an incredibly valuable resource for measuring our performance on Instagram."

Michaela Kron

Sr. PR Manager, 


"Excellent when stumbling upon an influencer's page. WeFind gives you a quick snapshot of engagement and engagement per post."

Elle Radan

Social Media Manager

Marriott International

WeFind's Chrome Extension

Gather influencer data at a glance

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