Your data is important,

we use it in the right way.

"Data on every person is very important and private, and we want it it to stay that way. This is why we developed the WeFind data promise. This promise means that we will always be transparent with your information. It means we will always give users the choice to opt-out of our searches. It means we exclusively use it for the purposes we say we do. And finally, it means we keep it protected and in compliance with standards in the public and private sector."

Our Data Promise

David Sokolow,

Founder and CEO of WeFind

Our data promise ensures your user data is in trusted hands

The 4 Components of our Data Promise


We are completely compliant with all state, federal, and industry standards on privacy and data protection. We use AWS physical security and restricted, password protected VPN access  to any production data. In addition to this, we log all activity associated with your data

We are completely transparent in the data we use to find individuals to build trust with your users. When communicating with them, we disclose that they are users and we communicate what specific sources we used (e.g., LinkedIn) to identify their fit for a role


Compliant and Protected

We give your users the option to opt-out of this program. In each of our messages, we include a note that states if they reply with no interest, we will no longer contact them again about recruiting opportunities. If they reply no, we no longer reach out to them with messaging


We only use and store your user data for your company recruiting purposes. We do not mix your data with other clients, we do not sell your data to third parties, and we do not use it for any other purposes beyond finding great talent for your company


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