HotelsByDay uses WeFind to find top notch CMO

By David Sokolow, Founder and CEO of WeFind

May 8, 2017

Where We Are Today

WeFind is continuing to work with Yannis, Min and HotelsByDay and we’re excited about the opportunity to be a partner with them as they continue to grow. If you’re interested in learning how WeFind can help you tap into your user base to find talent that lives and breathes what you do, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At WeFind, we live for the moments when we are able to connect our clients with incredible talent. Today, we want to share one of those stories about how a high-growth eCommerce brand, HotelsByDay, leveraged WeFind to hire a Chief Marketing Officer.


HotelsByDay is a startup based in New York City that is transforming how people think about booking hotel rooms. Led by Yannis Moati, they’ve decided that there should be a better way for hotels to leverage their unused inventory and have built a product that gives travelers a dynamic new option to book a hotel for the day. Have a long layover? Recharge at a hotel. Prepping for an out of town interview? Ensure you look and feel your best by booking a quick stay.

HotelsByDay is still in it’s early stages, and they came to WeFind searching for a top digital marketer to join in a CMO role. Yannis was looking for someone who could be an all-star player, advising on SEO, social strategy, and content. When asked about the type of person he wanted to bring on, here is what he said:

Working with WeFind

When we heard about Yannis’ need, we knew they would be a great fit for WeFind. After syncing on the job description, Yannis uploaded the HotelsByDay user base to the WeFind platform and we started searching for candidates.

Tapping into the user base and leveraging our proprietary candidate recommendation engine, WeFind came back with 32 top digital marketing candidates for them. These individuals had a wide range of experience including content, branding, online advertising, strategic partnerships, and SEO expertise.

After reviewing the candidates with Yannis, WeFind messaged the top 26 individuals on behalf of HotelsByDay to gauge interest in the role. Here is what we saw:

  • 65% open rate on our initial messages
  • 31% responses rate on our initial messages
  • 88% interest rate in learning more about the job opportunity

After speaking with multiple candidates, Yannis decided that Min was the best fit for them. When asked about why Min, Yannis said:

“With Min, there was a natural sense of enthusiasm, a similar pattern in her professional background as mine. She showed that creativity and diverse background we need, giving us great ideas.”

Min ended up joining the HotelsByDay team and is now loving her new role there. When we caught up with her, she said she had been searching and hoping for an opportunity like this, and was really happy when Yannis reached out. We asked her about how her role as a user helps her in her new marketing leadership position, she said:

“Marketing is all about creating empathy maps for potential clients. It’s all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Being a user instantly allowed me to connect easier with a potential customer. You are able to be more sympathetic, which I think is very important”

-Min, CMO at HotelsByDay

“I am looking for someone that is engaged and has the motivation to build something. We are in the building phase, we are not in the selling phase. Not everyone understands that. The reality of the challenges of building a startup does not convene to everyone. It takes experience, intelligence and grit to stick around.”

-Yannis Moati, Founder and CEO at HotelsByDay

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