Our mission is to transform how companies find talent

Recruiting great talent is the most important factor to a company's success. However, in today's  world it has never been more difficult to find these top individuals.

At WeFind, we're changing that. We've unlocked a new talent network, a company's users, that gives them access to truly passive talent for the first time. Users are a large, highly engaged talent pool and we help companies tap into this network by discovering potential employees, analyzing their experience, and recommending only the best.

We believe that connecting companies to talented individuals should be thoughtful, scientific and simple. This is why we're working to continuously innovate how we discover top talent, how we recommend them to employers, and how we help companies hire those individuals.

Who we are

Founded in 2015, WeFind was started as an opportunity to solve a problem. After years of management consulting and work in the tech sector, our co-founder and CEO David realized that the true differentiator between good companies and great companies was simple: the people. 

Obsessed with the subject, David started speaking with hiring managers, recruiters, and top individuals and discovered that companies have a tremendous opportunity to optimize the value of their users to find talent. In 2016, David went searching for a partner and after scouring Tel Aviv for the right individual to join the cause, he met Yarin.

Yarin was crazy enough to join as well, and he came on as a co-founder and CTO. After continued testing and late night product strategy, WeFind was born.

Today, we have a growing list of satisfied customers and our home is SOSA in South Tel Aviv.

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Great talent exists in your user base.

Let's find it.