Great talent exists in your user base.

Let's find it.






How it works

We discover talent from the most

valuable network you have: your user base. These individuals are highly engaged in your brand, and we know they can make great potential employees

We send you the top candidates, allowing you to contact them to see if they are interested. With each candidate we send, we get smarter about making recommendations to you



We analyze your users

for people that fit your talent needs - developers, marketers, and more - and using a recommendation engine

we determine who are the best


Find better candidates

We leverage both public data and private company data to find the best candidates that are most engaged with your brand. Our candidates are more likely to fit your needs

Save time searching


We do all the work of searching and provide you with a short, curated list of candidates. Less time searching, more time meeting the right candidates

Why employers should use WeFind

A private talent network

You own your customer network on WeFind, and this means no other recruiters can contact those candidates except for you. No more worrying about competing with other companies for top candidates

Discover hidden talent


We search talent pools, like your customers, that have never been analyzed before. We can find the best people you never knew existed


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Learn how you can find great talent with WeFind


Great talent exists in your user base.

Let's find it.